Our mission is to contribute in helping towards the global water crisis. At this current time, over 700 million people from around the world do not have access to clean drinking water or sanitisation. We believe this to be unacceptable during this day and age, so our objective is to help reduce these numbers by offering products, innovative technology and monetary donations to registered charities and communities around the world.

Meet the blockchain

You can add the chain now ready for launch on metamask or trust wallet (only android is available for trust wallet)

Team GeoLeaf

Steve Capewell



Technical development and services provided by MetaLabz


We are pleased to announce our official partnership with BridgIT Water Foundation, a registered charity in Australia and their Well drilling program as a proud member of the GeoLeaf community. Geoleaf is a business built on the Grove Blockchain, committed to supporting initiatives addressing the global water crisis.

Through this partnership, we aim to make a significant impact in improving access to clean and safe water for communities in need. BridgIT Water Foundation,has a proven track record of implementing sustainable water solutions and their Well drilling program aligns perfectly with our mission.

Together, we will work tirelessly to support the communities facing water scarcity. By combining our resources, expertise and shared dedication, we are confident that we can bring about positive change and create a lasting impact in the lives of countless individuals.

At GeoLeaf, we firmly believe in the importance of collaboration and collective efforts in tackling global challenges. Our partnership with BridgIT Water Foundation is testament to our commitment to addressing the water crisis and fostering sustainable development worldwide.

Stay tuned for updates, progress and impact reports and stories of transformation. Together we can make a difference and create a brighter future for all.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey towards water security and sustainability.

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Meet the blockchain

We are very proud to inform you all of our first completed project in partnership with BridgIT Water Foundation and their Well program, supplying clean water for the 856 residents of Chinthakunta village in India. Without our amazing community this would not have been possible so a massive thank you to the GeoLeaf community, you are changing lives.

" $1250 donated to BridgIt, refurbishing a water well. Immediate impact of 856 people"


  • Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000 $GLT
  • Buy & sell tax10% Buy/Sell/Transfer
  • Grove Rewards4%
  • Marketing3%
  • buy back and burn grove1%
  • Charity Donations1%
  • buy back and burn geoleaf1%


Disclaimer: that the market and project are fluid, timelines shift and we will keep the community informed along the way

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4

Q2 2023

Launch website & Socials

Register Business

BSC Presale

GroveChain FairLaunch

Website Dashboard

Contract Audit

BSC Launch

Q3 2023



Staking Platform

Extensive Community Building

Charity Donations

Q4 2023

AMA'S and Marketing

Charity Partnerships

Swap Listings

Merchandise Store

CEX Listings

Q1 2024

Product Research & Development

Extensive Marketing Push

Team Expansion

Major CEX Listings

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Reward checker

Reward checker


What is the name of your project &
how did you come up with that name?

Our project is called GeoLeaf, so our community were asked for their suggestions for our name. All suggestions were then put to the community and voted on, GeoLeaf won the vote


As we know your project is coming to the #GroveBlockchain, is your project an exclusive to the #GrvCHain or are you listed on any other chains as well?

GeoLeaf is multichain with a launch on both Binance Smart Chain and Grove Blockchain. Additional chains will be added in time.


When will you launch on the Grovechain?

Launch date still tbc.

What is your projects tokenomics? & can you go into detail of what each means for your project.

Our tokenomics  10%buy/sell

4% #GroveCoin reflections

3%  Marketing

1% Charity Donations

1% Buy Back & Burn $GRV

1% Buy Back & Burn $GLT

Our tax will never change , will always be 10%

4% rewards

We believe that rewarding holders high will

encourage them to hold and earn rewards while also contributing through the donations wallet.

3% Marketing We understand at GeoLeaf that successful projects need targeted marketing and lots of it including listings on Cex and Dex and we are also aware that this can be very expensive, we believe s good Marketing wallet is essential in moving GeoLeaf forward.

1% Donations Our Donations wallet will donate monthly and charities can be nominated by our community , we are also looking at donating both products and monetary donations.

1% Buy Back and Burn As our supply will be only 1Q we believe the buy back and burn is also important in reducing our supply. This is to further show our support to the $GRV blockchain.

What makes your project stand out over any other project planned to launch on the Grove Blockchain?

So I believe a couple of reasons here, firstly I believe the high rewards in grove will certainly stand us apart as we will be the highest grovecoin rewards on the groveblockchain at this time, secondly that we are community driven. Also hoping to help with a current important issue such as the global water crisis.

As we know #Crypto is very driven by the community, how do you plan to grow your community & do you have any marketing plans?

We have a super active community , we are still very young but after just 1 week of our tg and twitter going live I'm so happy with our growth, most of our community are very active with regards to socials, we currently have a meme contest running until midnight Sunday with GeoLeaf as prizes, the response has been phenomenal, we will looking to hold giveaways and other competitions to help more exposure for GeoLeaf.

Do you plan to list your project on #Cmc #CG or #Dexscreener?

We absolutely plan to launch on CMC, CG and DexScreener

Does your project have any utilities or plan to in the future?

So our 1% donations is our utility. We are also looking at ways we may use tech for donating in different ways, so because of the water crisis we are looking at 3d printing of water filters and other products that can be donated. We are busy in discussions with water charity and organisations with a view to forming strong partnerships. We will also have an online store for products people can buy , also merch.

What are your social channels and how can people find you?

Social channels

Twitter.  @GeoLeafToken




Geoleaf's finishing statement

GeoLeaf was set up by a group of investors who wanted to show that the crypto space can do really good things and also wanted to give something back while investing and being rewarded. So once we had our plan it was time to decide what we should reward our holders with. So this was quite an easy decision for the community, with GeoLeaf looking to contribute to the current global water crisis and other areas of climate issues Grove was our only

thought as it aligned with what GeoLeaf was about, both projects aiming for a better future for everyone.

Contact us

For marketing inquiries or technical assistance please contact or